The next generation of creators and problem solvers!

Frédéric began working in the footsteps of his father, Patrick, since he was a child.

Interested in all the technical developments in the manufacture of body jewelry, he loved using the machines in the workshop after school.

Later, he joined an injection molding school and completed several internships in a large French company, manufacturing  medical catheters  And  micro-extrusions  for the medical industry.

At just 16 years old, Fred knew how to repair hydraulic machines, repair electronic boards on injection molding machines, turn any precision part on hand lathes and milling machines, and used his free time to browse all the latest news machines that were going out into the world.

Having a real passion for the latest technological developments, Fred learned to make  3D drawings  on several program platforms in order to design your own  high precision molds  for injection molding.

Since 2013, Fred has followed his father into work, helping establish a polymer department for a body jewelry factory for 18 months, assisting all other departments along the way with CNC repairs, precision bullet making machines, laser welding, polishing machines and jewelry settings.

He also had the opportunity to establish, with his father, the first in Thailand: the manufacture of body jewelry in  stainless steel  And  titanium  using the latest  metal injection molding technology  ( MIM ).

In 2014, Poli International was established and Fred became a partner in the company, serving as  factory manager  and connecting with people around the world in high precision machining, and regularly visiting exhibitions on the latest technologies.

Since then, Frédéric has been at the origin of every creation with Patrick, and together they discuss and design each innovation.

He participated in  Poli Clamps , the new ones  anti-keloid discs , he made the   long series of molds  Wacky Links on CNC, all molds related to disposable tattoo grips ,  BioFlex® body jewelry  via microinjection molding , molds for displays silicone body parts  , And the list continues!

In conclusion, Fred has had a long and successful career in body jewelry and tattooing thanks to his passion for precision machining technology.

He has been at the forefront of the latest technological developments and has played an essential role in the development of many innovative products, including the latest patented creation, the » POLINK SYSTEM » .