Innovator and leader in the tattoo and piercing industry

1998 –  Creation of EUROPIERCE Bournemouth Premier Body Piercing Center

Patrick has worked with the NHS on piercing safety regulations.

Pioneer in piercing safety !

Patrick's journey began in 1998 when he created the  Bournemouth Premier Body Piercing Center in the UK . It was there that he began to rethink all aspects of  safety concerns related to piercing and tattooing 


He worked in collaboration with the  Bournemouth City Council  to help establish health and safety rules for piercing studios .


Afterwards , he shared his knowledge of drilling procedures with the head of  NHS  ( UK National Health and Safety ) in Basingstoke UK to further investigate employment issues in relation to safety concerns and discrimination in the drilling work environment.


There's no mystery as to why Patrick decided to make items innovative  for'  industry tattooing and piercing; Patrick is the  creator of  BioFlex  Body Jewelery  in 2000 .


He  is now known worldwide as the best jewelry you can get for your piercing because it is based on flexible and highly certified medical grade plastic material.


For over 14 years, he has been at the forefront of innovations in the piercing jewelry industry, introducing  antimicrobial jewelry more and more safe  ,  perfumed jewelry 


Producer the best  piercing retainers  on the market, and even technical terms like  “push-fit”  with its own exclusive process for  fix the crystals in the plastic  without using glue  (safer for the body) . 


" We We were brought to this industry by constant perseverance and passion to develop the best possible products for end consumers,” says Patrick.


In 2017, he created the  “Poli Clamps” Further innovating by creating a break point on the pliers teeth allowing piercers to easily break it to use a rubber band or retain plastic teeth to hold the skin for the piercing process. 


Adding to this better ergonomics For  allow for comfort and a suite of measuring guides on the pliers to help the piercer check jewelry diameters, lengths and gauges before drilling.


Poli International Co., Ltd is the continuation of a long development, and Patrick is now working on  enhance tattoo and piercing products  by innovating once again on the  disposable market for piercers and tattoo artists  of the whole world. 


Presenting in 2021 a range of  Disposable Tattoo Grips  to adapt to tattoo machines, it has also produced new ergonomic grips in high resilience foam which adapt to most machines.


Specialized in achieving the impossible, Patrick is ready to take on any challenge  !


His technical skills are widespread, from  development of special mixtures of plastics to the production of metal parts in all different precious or non-precious materials , and his way of seeing things from a different perspective than the common human being will definitely prove useful to our clients.


In conclusion, Patrick Poli is a name synonymous with innovation and excellence in the Tattoo and Piercing industry: with over 20 years of experience in the field, he has made significant contributions to the development of piercing jewelry , particularly in the areas of safety, comfort, and style.


As the creator of  BioFlex ®  Body Jewelery , he revolutionized L' industry with its unique perspective and technical expertise and its latest creation (2023) with the  Patented “POLINK SYSTEM”  , he once again adds a  milestone in the tattoo industry .

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