Always in contact with the stars!

Philippe is an autodidact passionate about creating and sharing since childhood.

His dynamism and experience have allowed him to acquire expertise in  industrial invention  And  in marketing , which has earned him an impressive portfolio of  various patents  marketed.

Throughout his career, Philippe has demonstrated a commitment to innovation, research and development of new concepts in packaging and the food industry.

He is the founder of , a platform to help entrepreneurs and creators around the world. 

Philippe specializes in finding solutions to a wide range of problems that companies may encounter when it comes to innovation.

His experience and knowledge has enabled him to develop a higher level of assistance to inventors in protecting their ideas through  complete and effective legal protection .

He has worked for many clients around the world, and our globetrotter has always maintained confidentiality, respected non-disclosure agreements and earned their trust through the successful completion of many projects.

Philippe's passion and commitment have allowed him to have a lasting impact in the field of marketing inventions  And  patents .

Philippe ensured his part in the project POLINK SYSTEM  on the technical specificities of the patent.

He is a great addition to the Poli International team.